Thursday, May 24, 2012

First Living Room Ideas

I’ve narrowed down my apartment choices by two places. 

Since I know the layout and sizes, I’ve been on the hunt of decorating my place. 

Much need items:
-Coffee table
-Kitchen table

Everything else, I could hold off on but it’s always fun to imagine what your very first place will look like, right?

I’ve been stalking craigslist for affordable furniture and book marking pages like crazy. I want people to walk into my apartment and think I have some creative juices and want the place to be warm and inviting even though I’m fond of dark colors. So I created a board on polyvore on what I hope my apartment living room will look like. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Goals

In recent months, I’ve had some serious events that have changed the course of my life. I deleted my old posts and hoped, I can get rid of my entire past but alas, I don't want to forget because those memories are what I cherish most in life.

One day changes everything- it breaks you, but not completely because eventually with the help of friends and family, you begin to heal. But the person who has helped me heal the most is the most unexpected person you would think.

Life has been a whirlwind of events and revelations. Old goals are thrown out the window and new goals are created. 

My new goal: move out of my parents home by my 27th birthday, which by the way is August 12th.
79 days until I have to reach my goal. 

How did I come to this conclusion? I’m 26 years old, never lived away from my parents, and my relationship opened my eyes to so many things – I need change. 

I’m not afraid to live on my own – I’m more afraid of hurting my parents feelings but so much of the past has had me concerned about everyone else's feelings and well being that I got lost along the way. 

This time is for me and my journey to become a more confident, successful, whatever…