Bucket List

In no particular order...

1. Get Married
2. Fall in love
3. Have children
4. Go to Europe
5. Go Christmas Caroling
6. Donate my hair
7. Run a 5K
8. Run a half marathon
9. Learn how to knit
10. Go Ziplining
11. Travel all of Canada
12. Go to Vancouver and watch the Vancouver Canucks play at Rogers Arena
13. Take a train trip
14. Grow my own vegetable garden
15. Become a jump roping queen
16. Save 6 months salary
17. Go to Hawaii
18. Pay off my debt
19. Ride in a hot air balloon
20. Finish an entire scrapbook
21. Write a book... even if it never gets published
22. Go to New York
23. Go snowboarding
24. Go to every NHL arena and watch a game
25. Go to the Superbowl
26. Kiss in the rain
27. Own a couple dogs
28. Give a $100 tip to someone when $10 is perfectly fine
29. Go rock climbing
30. Go on a roller coaster
31. Graduate college
32. Build a snowman
33. Learn to drive stick
34. Shoot a shot gun and hit the middle of the target
35. Go on a road trip
36. Go horseback riding
37. Get to my ideal weight
38. Run 5 miles without having to stop
39. Learn how to play a piano
40. Visit all 50 states
41. Go to the Grand Canyon
42. Go to Sweden
43. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
44. Ride a motorcycle
45. Make a quilt
46. Fly in a helicopter
47. Swim with dolphins
48. Pick and cut down our own Christmas tree
49. Visit castles around the world
50. Go on a cruise
51. Help someone accomplish a dream
52. Volunteer on Thanksgiving
53. Write a letter to myself on my wedding day and one year later, read it.
54. Do my own oil change
55. Go six months without fast food
56. Watch Star Wars
57. Be Married to someone for over 50 years
58. Have a marriage more beautiful than my wedding