Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What trends are you sick of?

Inspired by my dear friend and fellow blogger, Vicki, I decided to jump on this blogging bandwagon and create my own fashion no-no's that I am totally sick of. With a little added twist, I decided to do a men and women's board with the help of my other half. After seeing her post, I could not stop thinking of everything that I've been sick and tired of seeing when I step into Forever 21 or H&M. Where is the normalcy anymore?

1. Gladiator sandals: We're into our 3rd or 4th season of this atrocious pieces of footwear and they don't seem to be going away. Are you trying to find your inner greek goddess? Wear a toga... at a costume party. These sandals make even gals with slim ankles look as though they're bulky. Also, think of the unflattering tan lines.

2. Rompers: Paired with a over-sized floppy hat and some gardening tools, you're good to go for a day in the yard. I was looking at pictures of my childhood and there's a picture of me in the front yard in a romper. When I was 5.

3. Cropped Tee - Unless you're blessed with the body of Heidi Klum and you're going to a rock concert, it's ok to wear this kind of top. Otherwise, pass and move on.

4. Monokini - Sure these look great on a 5'9'' model supermodel in a photoshopped picture but think of the tan lines. Give me a bikini or one piece any day.

5. High-low skirts - I have to admit they look great in pictures but close up, these skirts are unflattering for most women. They will make calves look enormous. Some trends stay, some go away. This screams one-year trend.

Men's Fashion that should go away...

Photo via Pinterest
Deep-V neck: When women show a little cleavage, I understand it. Just show it in a classy way. The need for men to show their chest hair growth, is something that I can do without.

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  Ed Hardy: Bedazzled shirts with animals and skulls on any human should be disband. And for awhile, I thought these awesomely horrible tops would be only a one year trend, instead I found that I still see them around and these men seem to willingly wear them on their own.

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 Fedora: There's something sexy about the fedora with a well tailored pinstriped suit but reality check - unless you're Usher or Justin Timberlake or hello, Frank Sinatra leave this accessory on the shelf at the store.

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Skinny jeans: It took me awhile to embrace women's skinny jeans. When we live in a country of obesity and skinny jeans are the fad, it's a sight for sore eyes but I have come to embrace it FOR women. But for men - just no. 

What are some trends are sick of and would like to see go away and never come back again?

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  1. I never got into the gladiator sandals because I feared carrying those awful tan lines with me year round! And I get SO disappointed when I grab a cute top and notice that its another damn cropped top ):